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Years 9 and 10 Students at the United Nations

Fifteen students from Years 9 and 10 recently attended the Model United Nations at Mulberry University Technical College.

Weeks before the Model United Nations conference begins, each student is allocated a country to research and represent. They work to build knowledge of their country’s viewpoint on international issues. Then at the Model United Nations, the students role-play meetings like the UN Security Council and General Assembly, where they debate and try to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems just like the real thing.

Hundreds of students from around the UK take part in this prestigious annual event. Whether it’s our Namibian delegate speaking in the UN Women Committee, our World Health Assembly delegates dealing with a global emergency, or our French delegate speaking in the Security Council, the event helps each student develop their leadership, cooperation, public speaking and negotiating skills.

Student Anisah Rahman says: 'Model United Nations is an amazing experience, one I genuinely loved! I gained so much from those 2 days that I honestly would not have gained from any other experiences. It definitely enhanced my leadership skills and helped me understand international issues affecting everyone today globally! I loved being able to speak out and would encourage others to take part in this opportunity next time as this opportunity is so unique and beneficial.’

Year 10’s Tamara Yasmin says: 'This trip has helped me create a better understanding of how the United Nations works. I have learnt many things about other countries and enjoyed working with the other delegates.’

Year 10’s Labiba Akhtar adds: 'The trip to the Model United Nations has allowed me to understand how the United Nations might run and work. This trip has also allowed me to think fast and has taught me how to improvise my speech. In addition to this, I have become more confident and this experience has increased my knowledge and has allowed my skills to improve.'

And Year 10’s Fahima Abdul agrees: 'I found the Model UN trip very useful, fun and interesting. I learnt a lot of new skills and would definitely want to take part again!’

Well done to all students who took part: Anisah Rahman, Taylor Keenan-Felix, Labiba Akhtar, Blaze Lydon, Fariha Choudhury, Radiyah Ahmed, Fahima Abdul, Mehvish Iqbal, Sophie Kocabay, Njomza Bashkurti, Klevisa Dollapi, Nabihah Khanom, Tamanna Yazmin, Tasnimaa Meeshket and Njomza Aliu.

Model United Nations